November, 2011
Applying for academic jobs for next year.

August, 2011
Visiting MIT by invitation of Ruben Rosales

July, 2011
Gave talk at ICNAAM 2011 in Chalkidiki, Greece

June 22, 2011
Invited to visit MIT for the next academic year

May 20, 2011
PRE paper with J. Neu was published

Dec 2, 2010
Gave a talk in the group's seminar on the Hanging Rod problem

Aug 13, 2010
Sent paper with Shaeffer to SIAM Review

Nov 10, 2009:
Started new position at UC3M, as a Juan de la Cierva resercher

my journal papers

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submitted for review

• with D. G. Schaeffer, The hanging thin rod: A singularly perturbed eigenvalue problem Submitted to SIAM Review

my papers on the arXiv (some published, some not)